My gimp has returned (finally now that I’ve missed like all of the fun of comeback)

But because of college I still need admins.

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Lizzy being tortured by Jooyeon (⊙▽⊙)
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Favorite Lyrics of Lizzy in different Eras ★

D-9 Countdown to Orange Caramel Comeback ♥

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Anonymous asked: how is the new styles of lizzy? can you post a pic? thanks <33

Well, when everyone was flipping tables it was like this:

But now it’s a lot cuter like:

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meine-winterbraut asked: Uh, I sometimes do gifs with Lizzy in them, sometimes only Lizzy. Should I just use the tag and you see if you like it? Or how does this work? I don't do gifs that often, but I was just curious, I had at least one new gifset in mind.

If you make a Lizzy gif or edit or gifset just add the tag “#psyblog” and I will reblog it (:

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Currently, I am running P-SY as a solo act again and the reason that has resulted in such a dramatic inactivity spree is because my laptop broke gimp somehow (????idek) and I’m STILL trying to fix it. In the mean time there is no reason to keep you guys waiting on a bias blog that doesn’t post anything. So two things:

1. I am temporarily reblogging things on this blog, LIZZY GRAPHICS ONLY. Tag your Lizzy stuff with #psyblog
2. By temporarily I mean until I fix gimp and until I get new co owners (don’t be surprised if you start using the tag you get a message from me lolz). IF YOU WANT TO BE A PART SEND A MESSAGE PLEASE.

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A friendly reminder;

While you are all ranting and raving about Lizzy’s new look I ask you all to stop for a moment and remember that she has this thing called a stylist.

No idol goes to any event wearing and looking whatever and however they want, and if you think that they do… you’re foolish. You see idols have stylists, and stylists are given instructions by the company on what to make the member look like. So ultimately they get to decide what the idols “new look” is and rarely does the idol them self ever actually have a say in it.

Your complaints about her look isn’t going to make it go away so stop

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